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We invite students of diverse needs to our clinic.  We work to create an environment that caters to all ages and learning profiles.  This includes children with individualized education programs, 504’s, and also children seeking enrichment opportunities.


We take pride in being able to offer services that are completely individualized based on the needs of each child.  We determine how to best instruct your child through multiple diagnostic assessments, conversations with you as the parent, and also take the school community into account.


Part of what makes us so unique, is our ability to be responsive to the needs of each child we service. Children are dynamic and ever changing.  Our staff are experts at identifying the changing needs of your child as they progress and develop in their skills.  In response, instruction and methodology is adjusted.

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About Between the Lines

Between the Lines offers a multitude of literacy and educationally based services to support your child’s success in school and beyond. Our staff is able to capably treat your child in the realms of literacy, speech/language services, and social work. Treatment plans are always goal oriented and targeted specifically for your child.

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